Crispín Supper Club

Established in 2023, Crispín, is a new secret supper club experience in downtown Sacramento. Conceptualized in a modern three-story house, this culinary gem, curated by Chef Eríc Martínez, unveils a distinctive 8-coursed seasonal menu inspired by Chef Eríc’s immersive experiences with indigenous villages in Mexico and the elevated dining culture of Copenhagen, Denmark. A heartfelt homage to Eríc’s immigrant father, Crispín, who came to the US with nothing but hopes and dreams. And as a first-generation, bi-racial Latino, Chef Eríc artfully captures the essence of cooking in harmony with the seasons, employing a sustainable approach that preserves both product and technique. Limited to an exclusive six diners “invites or referrals”, Crispín invites you over for a unique blend of flavors, culture, and culinary craftsmanship.


Meet The Chef

Chef Eríc Martínez

First-generation bi-racial Latino, Chef Eríc Martínez discovered his unwavering passion for the culinary arts from a tender age. Graduating with a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management from the Art Institutes in 2015 marked the beginning of his extraordinary culinary journey.

Setting his sights in 2016 on Mexico City, Chef Eríc embarked on a culinary adventure at Pujol, the pinnacle of Mexico’s gastronomic scene. Inspired by the rich tapestry of Mexican culture and cuisine, he delved deep into the culinary traditions of over 13 states, immersing himself in the exploration of pre-Hispanic flavors and culinary techniques. This immersive experience led him to collaborate closely with indigenous families, gaining invaluable insights into their time-honored methods and customs.

In pursuit of further refining his craft, Chef Eríc ventured to Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2019, joining forces with, Restaurant 108, part of the Noma Group. Influenced by the sustainable practices, Chef Eríc delved into the intricacies of preserving, fermenting, and foraging, cultivating a profound expertise that would later drive his commitment to minimal waste and sustainable sourcing.

Chef Eríc’s culinary narrative is an odyssey of cultural appreciation, technique refinement, and a commitment to sustainable gastronomy. His fusion of traditional wisdom with modern innovation defines a culinary vision that not only delights the palate but also champions a responsible and eco-conscious approach to food.


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